Moe's Meats

Portland's pioneers of the home-to-bowl raw meat movement.

Moe’s Meats sells raw meat pet food, pet CBD, and locally sourced whole bones so dogs and cats can eat the best raw meat.

Feed your pets raw meat

Moe has been eating raw meat and whole bones his entire life. Since 2008, he’s been helping dogs and cats do the same. Along with his people (Meat Woman, Meat Boy, and Meat Baby) and his roommate (“Roommate”), Moe sells USDA inspected human grade quality meats for pet consumption (not for humans, no matter how tasty that bowl of tripe looks).

Plenty of ground and whole bone options

We sell a variety of raw meat pet foods from various companies, including Columbia River Natural Pet Food, Answers, and OMA’s Pride. Our whole bones, including turkey and duck necks, chicken feet and backs, and beef, buffalo and lamb bones, come from Northwest ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture. Our CBD Extracts and CBD Treats are legal in all states and are hemp based.

Easy to shop with Moe’s Meats

We’re a home-based business (Moe works from his couch). The steps below outline our shopping, ordering and pick-up process.

  1. Go to the shop pages to view our selection and current prices.
  2. Ask questions or place an order using the contact page. We’ll quickly reply by email. Or call 503.737.8834 with your order or your questions (our phone response time is slower than email).
  3. We will check our inventory to make sure we can fulfill your order, then coordinate a scheduled pick-up time.
  4. Your order will be waiting on our porch when you arrive!

Easy to shop with Moe’s Meats

  • Being a home-based business allows us to be flexible with pick-up times, including evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.
  • It’s also easy for us to fulfill special orders without any additional costs to you.
  • And we maintain the lowest prices on Columbia River tubes in the area.
  • The flip side is that sometimes we need an extra day or two to fulfill an order. We appreciate your patience.
  • We work with you to satisfy your hungry dog or cat as soon as possible.