Moe's Meats

Budgeting for your pets

Hi everyone, this is Dave, Satchel’s meat boy. I wanted to write a quick note about what’s going on here at Moe’s Meats, and how we can help you budget for your pet’s healthy diet.

We’re dog owners. We started Moe’s Meats because, as we found ourselves budgeting in wake of the current economic situation, we didn’t want to compromise the health of Satchel and Maji, both of whom have been eating raw since they decided to adopt us as their humans. The idea blossomed into selling Columbia River Natural Pet Food, which is USDA inspected, fresh frozen, and raw. We are strong advocates and believers in the raw diet, and with Moe’s Meats, we’re able to provide it at a lower cost to other pet owners who, like us, wish to provide their pets with the best diet possible while also watching their budgets.

We like to have fun around here. Yes, Satchel’s a poet, Maji’s crazy, Courtney’s a recovering vegetarian, and I’m….I’m not sure what I do to deserve any of it. They let me hang around and write on the blog once in a while. We’re selling raw meat out of our home in Portland, Oregon, not because there’s anything poetic or crazy or vegetarian about it – OK, maybe in some ironic way it is a bit poetic, but I’ll leave that up to the mind of the reader – but because we can do so at lower prices than you’ll find at retailers.

Everyone seems to be on a budget these days. If you’re on a budget and you still want to feed your dogs and cats raw, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you along.

Thanks for reading – Dave