Moe's Meats

Raw Meat and Bacteria

It’s natural to be worried about gross meat germs when feeding the raw meat diet. Will my dog or cat get sick? Will I get sick? Will my kitchen be totally filled with bacteria from all the raw meat.

If you have the space, I suggest preparing the meat in a separate place from where you prepare your own food. Perhaps a laundry room, garage or kosher kitchen. I like to wear dishing gloves when I make my own pet food. In fact, I don’t even touch human raw meat – generally I ask Dave to do it.

All meat, regardless of organic status, contains bacteria. Moe’s Meats sells human grade meat, which means it’s as good as what you can buy in the grocery store. Luckily, dogs and cats have a digestive system that is teeming with wonderful enzymes and probiotics that break down the harmful bacteria in the raw meat and allow it to digest without trouble.

It is rare that a pet fed on the raw meat diet will have parasites or bacteria problems. On the raw meat their system is primed to handle all the nasties usually found in raw meat.