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Moe Waiting For Your Questions
Moe Waiting For Your Questions

dear readers. this is moe.
Moe’s Meats, that’s my business, prides itself on, you know, being an educational resource for pet owners.
because of that, i, as a business owner, look forward to hearing from you, a dog or cat owner.
i want to answer your questions and provide you with, like, the most current, science-based evidence and research about the raw meat diet.
i’ve hired my people, Boy and Woman, to answer the phones. as a business owner, i, like, need to be protective of my time, so, like, i’ve hired the best. please don’t be alarmed that i, personally, won’t be taking every phone call. rest assured that, like, i’m usually laying right next to Woman when she’s talking to you. Boy, is usually, like, pacing when he’s on the phone. 

i, like, digress though.
call me, Moe’s Meats, and have all your questions answered about the raw meat diet in Portland, Oregon.