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Vote for MeatBoy, Moe’s Meats Employee of the Year

  Hello meat eaters (and your people/owners) – those delicious chicken necks I’m holding…the ones you’re salivating over. Guess who packed them? That’s right – me. Received the shipment, broke things down into dog-friendly portions, packed them in your to-go bag, and ran them out to your owner’s car while you rode in the back … Read more

The deal with organ meats

Hi everyone, MeatBoy here. Moe asked that I write a quick note about the benefits of organ meats, and how you can make it work for your budget. We’ve been taking a lot of calls about organ meats lately, so here goes. Organ meats are extremely lean, and extremely rich in nutrients, iron, healthy oils, … Read more

Shop Meat

To welcome the beginning of fall and a new meat buying season Moe’s Meats has re-organized our product page. No longer is Meats-n-Treats called Meats-n-Treats. Per customer request we’ve changed the page name to a more recognizable wording – Shop Meat. We’ve also grouped the meats by species, making customizable searches quicker and more efficient. … Read more