Moe's Meats

Valentine’s Day

Load up on heart for Valentine’s Day!! It’s only a week away and the time is NOW to feed your most beloved dogs and cats some heart. Moe’s Meats has waiting for you:

  • An assortment of straight up heart organ meat
  • Beef blend with a dash of loving heart
  • Beef with yummy beef heart – an 80/20 mix
  • Cow pie, the only stomach with a heart
  • Beef with heart and mixed veggies – cause every pup needs a little green with their red
  • Plain ‘ole chicken also has heart
  • Chicken with buffalo heart, cause DUH
  • Chicken with mixed veggies has heart and heart and heart
  • Duck, duck, duck
  • Rabbit – as prep for the spring
  • Turkey with beef heart – yumm-o

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