Moe's Meats

June Sale: Turkey Necks

Turkey necks for your viewing pleasure
Turkey necks for your viewing pleasure

Turkey necks. You love to feed them. Dogs love to eat them raw. We love to sell them frozen.

For the month of June, you can buy frozen, raw turkey necks from Moe’s Meats at a $5 discount.

Moe sells his turkey necks by the 30 pound case or, for ease of storage and feeding, you can have the 30 pounds broken up into gallon zip lock bags.

The case comes frozen and costs $65 (but for June you pay $60). Breaking them up yourself is easy to do, just put them in the sink to partially defrost (depending on the outside temperature that can take a few hours) and re-pack into bags that are easy for you to use.

If you don’t want to bother with the thawing, breaking apart, and re-freezing, let Moe do the work for yo. The cost of the 30 pound bags broken apart is $80 (but you pay $75). Depending on the size of the necks (the necks are largest in the fall and winter), a gallon bag holds between 2-4 necks.

Never tried a turkey neck and are worried your dog won’t like them? Well, for the month of June you can buy an individual turkey neck for $5. This is a special offer, something Moe usually doesn’t do, but he wants all interested dogs to have a go at turkey necks this month.