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Bully Sticks: An Indoor Treat During the Rainy Months

Are you ready for the rain with some indoor healthy treats for your dog? And, better question, do you know what a bully stick really is?

Bully Sticks from Moe's Meats in Portland
Bully Sticks from Moe’s Meats in Portland
Bully sticks - Moe's Meats
Bully sticks – Moe’s Meats

Let’s start with what a bully stick is. It’s a dried BULL PENIS. Yup, it totally is. The penis is cleaned and drained, then dried and shaped. The bully sticks that Moe’s Meats sells are all natural with no additives or chemicals. They are easily and fully digestible and dogs seem to love them.

Other awesome┬áreasons to give your dogs bully sticks from Moe? If you’re dog is not into spending hours outside in the rain gnawing on a marrow bone, and you aren’t into having a raw meat bone chewed on inside your home, then a bully stick sounds like a great way to keep your dog entertained AND help his gums and teeth.

Moe’s Meats and Bones sells bully sticks in different sizes, though the most readily available is 12 inches, so that’s what we have listed on our website. But if you’d like a different size, just ask. We can get almost anything for your pet!