Moe's Meats

Classic Combo – Rabbit and Lamb

Moe says:   Among the tastiest and cuddliest pairing is one of my all time classic combo faves, rabbit and lamb. Never mind that in some astrological circles these two soft, fuzzy creatures make up 2/3 of the Fourth Trine (I recognize the Lamb in the Goat year because I prefer to say I was … Read more

Puppies and Kittens on a Raw Meat Diet

Congratulations! Moe is so happy you just brought home, or are about to bring home, a new puppy/kitten. Prepare to fall in love. Prepare to cuddle, kiss, and potty train that little cute thing. And prepare your new family member’s freezer with healthy meat, organs, and veggies. Plus treats, you’ll want lots of training treats (even … Read more

Your Raw Fed Dogs Need Organs in Their Diet

A dog or cat only eating muscle meat and bones will lack many important nutrients. In addition to ground veggies, pets need organ meat as part of a complete raw diet. Organs have tons B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, and K – which you can’t get in muscle beat and bones. Organs are nutrient-dense, inexpensive, and … Read more

Canadian Raw Meat Customers

Interestingly, Moe’s Meats has many customers from Canada that are driving through Portland on their way to California. This results in our first international market! So, Moe’s Meats would like to officially welcome all our current and prospective Canadian raw meat customers. If you are traveling through Portland, just drop us an email letting us … Read more