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Cold Pressed Organic Juices for your Pets

A rainbow of organic cold pressed juices for your pet.
A rainbow of organic cold pressed juices for your pet.

Moe’s Kitchen is constantly working for the health of your pet. That’s why Moe now offers fresh-pressed juices using a cold-pressed juicer (the best of the best). Cold pressed juice is an excellent way to ensure your pet is ingesting high quality and nutrient dense vegetables.

Cold pressed juice is great for sick and elderly pets, as well as those pets who refuse most foods. Since cold pressed juices do not contain fiber pulp, they are not a substitute for adding mixed veggies to every meal. These cold pressed juices should be used as a supplement and a healthy way to add a boost of nutrition.

How does ordering a cold pressed juice from Moe’s work? First, send us an email and let us know what kind of veggies you want in your pet’s cold pressed juice. If you aren’t sure, we can help guide a veggie combination that will be helpful for your pet’s specific healthy and longevity situation. Once we’ve agreed on a juice recipe, we’ll schedule a pick up time and make your pet’s juice within 30 minutes of that scheduled time.

The juice is meant to be served fresh and used in every meal until it runs out. It is good up to 48 hours in the fridge. After 48 hours you can still serve it to your pet, but the juice will have begun to oxidize, thus reducing the nutritional content.

We look forward to¬†fresh-pressing your pet’s juice.