Moe's Meats

The Last Yak

Oma’s Pride stopped producing Yak. No more for all the yak fans. Moe, unbeknownst to us, secretly stored the last package of yak at his sister’s house. And so, weeks after there was no more yak in his freezers, he visited his sister and whispered sweet nothings to the yak before it went extinct.

Optimum wellness for our feline and canine, as nature intended – A guest blog post

Leia Munn, an Animal Naturopath & classical Homeopath, is promoting a species appropriate diet for our four legged friends. She writes:   In my recently published book Carnivore Rainbow…message to all humans , I researched over 3 ½ years compelling facts that they are indeed carnivores not omnivores. The proof is in their skulls, their digestive … Read more