Moe's Meats

What Exactly Does Moe Sell

More than raw meat and bones….we’ve got treats, whole food supplements, and CBD products. Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon.

Well, we’re in the business of providing pets with natural raw meat and whole bones – that’s the foundation of Moe’s Meats and Bones.

Currently, we offer our customers with the selection of Columbia River Natural Pet Foods (these are the colored tubes packed with ground meat), Answers Pet Food (these are the boxes filled with raw meat patties), Natur-Fressen (Yummy tripe patties), Love Your Pet (1-pounders of exotic meats), OMA’s (1 pounders of exotics), and a lovely local option for ground bison (no bone).

For treats we sell bully sticks, dehydrated sweet potatoes (you need to try these), and freeze dried meat and organs.

We’ve also got supplements you can provide to dogs and cats: Bone broth, fermented fish stock, raw goat’s milk, and cold pressed juices.

And that takes me to our newest product…CBD. Aligning diet and quality of life, we’ve partnered with RxCBD to offer CBD extracts and treats for dogs and cats. Fitting well with a holistic and natural approach to pet care.

Moe is a generous business owner, always product testing what he sells and setting rigorous standards. He’s been in business since 2008 and loves his work.