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How to Give CBD Drops to Your Dog

CBD Extract for Dogs from RxCBD now available at Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon

1) Shake bottle.

2) Use suggested dose or a little less. Less is more when it comes to CBD. CBD has biphasic properties, which means that sometimes higher doses of CBD may not be as effective as lower doses.

3) Give the CBD drops directly in mouth, on a spoon, or mixed with their food or a snack.

You may notice a change with one dose, or it may take 1-2 weeks before an outward effect is visible. If you do not notice a change, you may slightly increase the CBD dose.

CBD will build up in your dog’s system. Once you notice significant changes, lessen the dose or skip a day in between doses. Just like raw meat feeding, you’ll find the rhythm and balance that works well for your pet.

What is 1 dropper?

Fully squeeze the bulb. The amount that is drawn into the pipette is 1 dropper (it will not fill all the way to the top). 1 full dropper equals approximately 20 drops.

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