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The Safety of CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets. CBD Extracts and Treats at Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon.

How CBD Interacts with our Pet’s Bodies:

All animals (except insects) have an endocannabinoid system that produce endocannabinoids similar to the CBD found in the cannabis plant. The endocannabinoids regulate a balance in the body that influences inflammation, disease, pain, epilepsy, etc. When mammal’s bodies are sick, in pain, or aging, extra support is needed for the endocannabinoid system.


Is there THC in CBD Extracts and Treats?

CBD is derived from hemp, which contains trace amounts of THC. Any remaining THC is removed through a filtration process. Because there is a barely detectable amount of THC in these products, they are legal in all states regardless of the state’s marijuana laws. CBD extracts and treats can even be sent through the United States Post Service (USPS).

CBD products, because they don’t contain THC, are non-psychoactive and will not make your pet high. The CBD products are non-toxic and will not result in side effects. To see what CBD products we sell and can ship to you, go to our Shop CBD page.