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Am I Feeding Enough Raw Meat

Chicken feet and raw meat for dogs and cats in Portland, Oregon.

That’s a great question with an easy answer. The answer just isn’t a formula.

How much raw meat and bones you feed your pet depends on your pet. The amount is unique to each dog, same with humans.

Age, health, size, energy output all factor into how filled their bowls are.

Moe, a 90-pound Ridgeback, eats the same amount at his Roommate, a 45-pound hound mix. Roommate is a medium sized dog who is very active and high energy. Moe is a large dog who works from his couch. They eat the same amount.

The great thing about raw meat feeding is that your pet will probably gain or loose weight quickly, so it’s easy to adjust how much you are feeding based on what you are seeing.