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The Aegis CBD Bundles

It’s been over a year since Moe’s started selling our fabulous CBD products. Since then, we’ve heard from plenty of dog and cat owners about the benefits and positive effects they’ve seen. CBD is a great way to help pets deal with pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, digestion issues, and much more.

Moe wants to make it easier to stock up on CBD products with his new Aegis CBD bundles.

Check out our Aegis CBD bundles for dogs and cats today. Each discounted bundle include treats and drops to help you stretch your pet budget. 

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Why the name Aegis?

The name recognizes his family, the Aegis line of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. As Moe has aged, he’s leaned on family more and more. It’s his way of calling in and honoring the many spirits in his tribe.