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CBD for Cats

Let’s start with defining CBD.

CBD is short for cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are the chemical compounds secreted by the cannabis plant and interact with receptors on cells in the brain and body of ALL mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles.

CBD does not get your pet high because it is extracted from industrial hemp, not marijuana. This hemp CBD contains a minuscule amount (less than 0.3%) of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. It is not enough to get the smallest and most sensitive pet high.

CBD for cats can help your kitty with pain, nausea, anxiety, mobility, and inflammation.

CBD Cat Treats and CBD Cat Extracts at Moe's Meats and Bones
CBD Cat Treats and CBD Cat Extracts at Moe’s Meats and Bones

The dosage guidelines for cat cbd are based on your kitty’s weight:

6 – 9 lb cat: 2 – 3 drops of CBD extract or 1 – 2 CBD cat treats
10 – 14 lb cat: 4 – 6 drops of CBD extract or 2 – 3 CBD cat treats
15 – 19 lb cat: 7 – 9 drops of CBD extract or 2 – 4 CBD cat treats

Use the suggested CBD dose on container. You may notice an effect with just one dose, or it may take longer than a week to see noticeable changes.

If you do not notice a change in your cat, you may slightly increase the dose. CBD has no reported side effects.

CBD will build up in your cat’s system, and you will see symptoms subside. You may then lessen the dose or skip a day in between doses.