Moe's Meats

CBD Massage for Pets

Massaging your pets with CBD is a fantastic way to relieve muscle, ligament, and joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It’s also an awesome way to connect with your pet and ease them into a restful sleep.

Moe gets a massage several times a week, usually in the morning or right before bed. We typically use the CBD extract for big dogs but have recently started using the small dog extract as well – just to change it up.

Using half a dropper per area, we focus on whatever side he’s got available to us from his position on the couch. He loves his hips, spine, and neck rubbed and we always make sure we get his paws as well. In total, we usually use about 2 or 3 CBD droppers full per massage. We like to finish off his CBD massage by rubbing the inside of his ears with what is left on our fingers.