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Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Freakout Extravaganza

We’ve never has a sale like this!
All Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried bags are $3 off!

Why Freeze Dried? 

  • These are shelf-stable meats, no freezer required.
  • Great for traveling, boarding, pet sitters, camping, and when you’re on the move. Throw the bag in you’re car and off you go.
  • Are you earthquake prepared? These bags of food can go right into your emergency kit.
  • Freeze-dried nuggets are great to use as training treats
  • They are extremely palatable. Picky pets – both cats and dogs – enjoy them.
  • We can ship! 5 bags fit in a large flat-rate USPS box.
Sale ends August 29th. 
While supplies last.