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Is Raw Meat Safe for My Dog and Cat

Yes! Yes! And Yes!

What you feed your dog and cat is one of the most important influences that affect your pet’s overall health, weight, and longevity. Kibble, which is a highly processed food that does not contain whole meats, isn’t found in your pet’s natural environment. Dry and canned food digest quickly and are enormous contributing factors to all kids of diseases.

In the raw meat feeding world, we refer to a raw meat diet as a species-appropriate diet. Dogs and cats are carnivores, and though they can survive on kibble and canned food, they are not at their best health when fed an artificial diet.

What about my dog and cat getting sick on raw meat? Good question. Our canine and feline friends just aren’t susceptible to¬†Salmonella and other food-born bacteria. Because they are carnivores, they have evolved to eat raw and even rotten meat.

If you’re nervous about feeding raw meat to your dog or cat, send us an email and we’ll walk you through the whole raw meat feeding process. If you’re ready to start shopping for raw meat pet food, we’re here for you.