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Raw Meat Pet Food is Your Healthiest Option

Grain-free kibble. Sensitive formula kibble. Plain kibble. Fish kibble. Expensive and select kibble.

You know what? It’s still kibble.

If you’re worried that raw meat pet food is a risky choice, have you researched how many brands of kibble the FDA recalls every year? Kibble is not a safe bet and the fact is it’s also not a healthy choice. Even when it’s grain-free. Even when it’s the expensive kind.

Raw meat pet food is a natural choice for cats and dogs. Your pet’s digestive system, despite domesticity and breeding, is made to digest raw meat and bones as food. On a daily basis.

Raw meat pet food contains essential nutrients and enzymes that prevent disease and return a pet’s system to a balanced state, even after years of eating kibble.

There are countless raw meat pet food companies that strive to ensure safe food handling techniques, beyond FDA requirements. Here at Moe’s Meats, we offer a select few trusted brands. Whatever questions you have, any problems you need solved, we’re happy to support your raw meat pet feeding journey.