Moe's Meats

We are Open and an Essential Business

1. Order online

2. Pickup from our outdoor station in Northeast Portland. There will be no human contact whatsoever. Your order will be boxed and waiting for you. We can also deliver items to Portland zip codes.

3. All work stations are sanitized after each use and we wear gloves when handling all products.

Once again, we are asking our customers to place their orders by Monday morning and, if possible, pick up on Wednesday afternoon. This will allow us to maximize our shipment by clearing freezer space to store more food for the week. ❤️ There will be no human contact when customers pick up their orders. All orders will be boxed waiting at our outside station. ⁣

Of course, you may place an order at any time (not just by Monday morning) and you can pick up at any time (not just Wednesday afternoon). We will do our best to get you the raw meat pet food and pet CBD you need.