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Fireworks and Pet CBD

Fireworks season is here and dogs and cats are freaking out.

Pets usually do a good job staying away from the loud noises, vibrations, and unusual smells of firework season. Let them have their space, keep them cool, give them water wherever they are, and help them through these times with pet CBD treats and extract.

Pet CBD is an amazing tool for pet owners because it helps calm their nervous system. CBD supports dogs and cats by offering sedating and calming effects that helps them cope with the stress of fireworks.

CBD, because it does not contain THC, is legal in every state. We ship via USPS Priority, to any state, so you can have safe and effective cat and dog CBD.

Our CBD comes in both treats and oils, appropriately dosed for your pet’s weight. The Pet CBD is made with wholesome, organic ingredients and works safely and effectively. Click on each product to learn more about weight class and ingredients.

Shipping takes about 3-5 days, so order in advance of when you usually start hearing fireworks in your neighborhood.