Moe's Meats

Organic Raw Duck Eggs

Try these duck eggs. They are amazing and we wish they were for people, not just dogs and cats.

These duck eggs are the ideal supplementary superfood for both cats and dogs of all ages:

• These duck eggs are an organic raw wholefood
• They are from free-range, pastured, organic and happy ducks
• Humanely-raised and handled
• Sustainably-raised on a certified organic farm
• Nutrient-dense
• Excellent source of protein
• Thick shell, bigger eggs, more yolk
• Washed in whey for extra safety protection
• No pasteurization
• No factory farming
• They are sold frozen and last up to 14 days in the fridge thawed

Ready for more awesomeness about these duck eggs?

• Perfect for pet food customization
• Great alternative to pets suffering from food sensitivities or allergies
• High satiety
• High protein, nutrient-dense feeding
• Bioavailable food
• More omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs
• High in vitamin D
• Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
• Highest standard in sourcing and quality of nutrition
• Considered a cooling protein in Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Nature’s perfect protein