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Organic Chicken Feet

Organic, Fermented Raw Chicken Feet

We’ve got a new product we’re excited about! • Fermented, truly raw chicken feet • Nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefood treats for cats and dogs • Organically and humanely-raised, and handled • Sustainably-raised on GAP rated farms • Inoculated with billions of probiotics • Fermentation provides good bacteria • No factory farming • No

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CBD Pet Treats CBD Pet Extract Hemp

New CBD Hemp Treats and Extracts For Your Dogs and Cats

You may have noticed that RxCBD changed its name and logo. We just finished updating our CBD Hemp products page with new product photos and descriptions. We’ve also added a couple new CBD pet goodies – tiny dog hemp treats, large dog extract, and new flavors for all the treats. Good news – our prices

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Portland Pet Food Delivery

Moe’s Delivers Raw Meat to Portland Homes and Businesses

Are you ready to have your Portland raw meat pet food delivered right to your door? We’ve partnered with the awesome Portland Dog Runner to provide fast pet food delivery to your home or office. ~ No minimum purchase required. ~ Meet them at your door or desk. ~ You can hire them to walk

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Columbia River Naturals, Satchel Special: Red, Bargain Bundle of Raw Meat 

Raw Meat Pet Food is Your Healthiest Option

Grain-free kibble. Sensitive formula kibble. Plain kibble. Fish kibble. Expensive and select kibble. You know what? It’s still kibble. If you’re worried that raw meat pet food is a risky choice, have you researched how many brands of kibble the FDA recalls every year? Kibble is not a safe bet and the fact is it’s

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Moe has Left the Building

After more than 15.5 years on earth, the last 11+ of which as Founder and CEO of Moe’s Meats and Bones, LLC, Satchel “Moe” Wheaton Jarecki has left the mortal plane, en route to his next cosmic venture and adventure. Moe leaves behind a legacy of mirth, merriment…and meat.  Said Moe during his exit interview:

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Love Your Pet in Portland Oregon

Love Your Pet – Sourced Wild Raw Meats

Ready for this? Love Your Pet raw meat pet food offers high-quality, wild caught meats for your dogs and cats. Love Your Pet sources their wild meats from the mountains of Utah. They believe, “Food is fuel for your pets and we believe that raw, quality food can help your pet reach their full potential.”

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Rawr Cat Food – Eat Like a Lion

We are seriously loving the Rawr line of raw meat cat food. Every container is balanced for your kitty’s health and nutritional raw meat needs. It’s all handmade using fresh ingredients and all sustainably sourced. Think organic. Think natural. Think made with love.

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CBD for Dogs and Cats

Why do we only carry one brand of CBD for pets? Why not offer more selections? Honestly, it’s because we have yet to find another comparable brand that is worth it. RxCBD puts so much science and research into their products, not to mention wholesome ingredients, that this is the only brand. Here’s what RxCBD

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Whole Duck for Your Dog and Cat

Whole Duck for Your Dog and Cat

When you give whole ducks to your pets, you’re offering them the complete package deal – flavor, vitamins, minerals, muscle meat, bones, organs, and all compounds they require for a balanced diet. Duck is also super high in iron, is easy-to-digest, and had high amounts of amino acids. And pets love it! Yes, even cats

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Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet for the Win

Yeah, raw chicken feet can be kinda gross to look at. They have claws that point at you, and the spindly legs that look weird, and the thought of your dog or cat turning them into a bloody stump. But really, chicken feet are pretty much the most amazing food for your pet. One word:

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Email Us Your Order – We’re Fixing The Site

We know our site is slow right now and the contact form isn’t working. Moe and his crew are on it and doing everything they can to make shopping easier and faster for you. In the meantime, please email us your orders and questions directly: Moe @ MoesMeats . com Don’t include the spaces –

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Happy Birthday Moe

Moe turns 15 today! Who knew this little whippersnapper would one day run a raw meat and CBD empire from his blue couch? He did. Happy Birthday to the greatest of beings we have ever known.

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