Welcome, Meat Cat – Head of Cat Recruitment

Kitten transitioning to the raw meat diet at Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon

Moe is thrilled to welcome Nigel (aka Meat Cat) into the family business. Meat Cat came to Moe’s staff as a 14 week old kitten eating dry cat food. His foster family deemed him a picky eater, saying they went through many varieties of dry and soft cat food. They landed on one that he sorta liked, but they had to hand feed him sometimes and always hang out with him in order for him to eat.

The transition to raw meat took no time at all. He devoured his first raw meat meal (we gave him Rad Cat lamb). For his first two raw meat meals we mixed in his dry food, but but he second meal he was eating around the hard chunks, leaving them in the bowl to be composted.

It seems that Meat Cat was born to eat raw meat. He’s been with us for almost two weeks and in that time he’s loved every raw meat he’s tried (except turkey), goat milk, bone broth, and even bones.

Welcome, Meat Cat to the family.