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Email Us Your Order – We’re Fixing The Site

We know our site is slow right now and the contact form isn’t working. Moe and his crew are on it and doing everything they can to make shopping easier and faster for you. In the meantime, please email us your orders and questions directly: Moe @ MoesMeats . com Don’t include the spaces –

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Happy Birthday Moe

Moe turns 15 today! Who knew this little whippersnapper would one day run a raw meat and CBD empire from his blue couch? He did. Happy Birthday to the greatest of beings we have ever known.

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RAWR Pet Foods

RAWR Raw Meat Cat Food is Here

We’re thrilled, literally over the moon, to bring in this awesome line of raw meat cat food. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks on our own little kitty and some select cat customers – and everyone agrees, this raw meat is something to purrrr about. Feeding the raw meat diet is going

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Answers Pet Food – Buy It Here

Answers Pet Food offers three feeding formulas, and Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon has all three raw meat and fermented lines. All lines contain 100% organic raw meat, zero grains, and no carbs. Straight Formula – This line is ideal for sensitive dogs and cats Detailed Formula – Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs

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Chicken Feet

Is Raw Meat Safe for My Dog and Cat

Yes! Yes! And Yes! What you feed your dog and cat is one of the most important influences that affect your pet’s overall health, weight, and longevity. Kibble, which is a highly processed food that does not contain whole meats, isn’t found in your pet’s natural environment. Dry and canned food digest quickly and are

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A Moe Pen for Moe 10

If you’ve picked up an order recently, you’ve probably scored a Moe’s Meats pen. We’re celebrating our 10th year in business with these totally rad, black ink pens. The pen tagline: Raw meat, bones, and CBD for your pets If we had the space, we’d write: Raw meat, whole bones, yummy treats, CBD treats and

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Cats Live Healthy Lives on Raw Meat Diet

Here’s the deal. Cats can’t effectively digest carbs because they are obligate carnivores. Part of being an obligate carnivore means their little kitty bodies don’t produce the enzymes needed to actually digest carbs. The other part means they need meat for their optimal nutrition. Feeding you kitten and cat a raw meat diet is going

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Northwest Naturals Nuggets at Moe's Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon

$3 off ALL 6-Pound Nugget Bags From Northwest Naturals

It’s really Autumn, so why not save some money Nugget Sale – Happening Now!!!!! Buy nuggets, feed raw, save money! All Northwest Naturals 6 pound bags of nuggets are $3 off! Why the Sale?  Moe is lighting his first fire of the season and he wants to celebrate. These nuggets are easy to store, and thaw fast.

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Northwest Naturals, Whitefish and Salmon Options

Whitefish and Salmon Options From Northwest Naturals

Check out our stock of Whitefish and Salmon from Northwest Naturals.Northwest Naturals Whitefish and Salmon raw meat is available in all the forms. They’ve got freeze dried (perfect for traveling), dinner bars (1 pound bars and the 25 pound cases), 6 pound nuggets (our personal favorite at the moment), plus 2 and 5 pound tubes. All

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Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Freakout Extravaganza

We’ve never has a sale like this! All Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried bags are $3 off! Why Freeze Dried?  These are shelf-stable meats, no freezer required. Great for traveling, boarding, pet sitters, camping, and when you’re on the move. Throw the bag in you’re car and off you go. Are you earthquake prepared? These bags of food

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Moe’s New Shop Page

We’re ready for your next order! Moe has been daydreaming about launching a new shop page for years. It’s here!  What’s new about the shop page?  You’ll select items the way you do when you shop at most online retailers. (But instead of filling your cart, you’ll be filling your bowl…Moe was adamant about this). You can

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Hey, Who’s That? It’s Rad Cat

We carry the full line of Rad Cat products in 24 ounce containers (cost savings for you). Did you know that Rad Cat is made right here in Portland, Oregon? They are a small, family owned and operated business that specializes in healthy, natural diets for cats and kittens. Rad Cat uses the highest quality muscle

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CBD For Pets and Fireworks

Yes, firework season is upon us. We all know that fireworks and cats and dogs do not mix. Our pets are sensitive to the noises, smells, and energy around fireworks and this is usually a very stressful few weeks. This year, prepare to help your dog and cat through the coming weeks with CBD treats and

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