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Fill Your Bowl with Raw Meat and CBD

Moe and Meat Woman are working on big website changes. The look will stay the same, but the ordering process will be updated. Current customers will have the option to order as they always have (via email) or use our soon-to-be-released online ordering system. Moe’s new online ordering system will offer current raw meat and CBD inventory

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CBD Extract for Dogs

We sell CBD for pets by a Colorado-based company called RxCBD. Their CBD mission statement reads: We all want to do the best by our pet – improve their quality of life, especially at their most challenging moments. We recognize the value of natural products and believe in the extraordinary power of alternative medicine. Our

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CBD for Cats

Let’s start with defining CBD. CBD is short for cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are the chemical compounds secreted by the cannabis plant and interact with receptors on cells in the brain and body of ALL mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. CBD does not get your pet high because it is extracted from industrial hemp, not marijuana. This hemp CBD

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Raw Meat Diet for Cats and Kittens

Cats are carnivorous predators. Their system needs meat and fish proteins and the amino acids that are specific to a raw meat diet. The diet a kitten or cat eats has a lifelong effect on their health, fat intake, mobility, and lifespan. High quality and local raw meats and bones are found in the raw meat we sell.

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How Much Raw Meat for a Cat or Kitten

The answer totally depends on your cat’s size, activity level, metabolism, health concerns, personality, and weight. Your adult cat typically eats 4-6 ounces of raw meat per day over the course of two meals. Kittens can eat what seems like a shocking amount, sometimes in excess of 8 ounces of raw meat a day. Kittens

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Cat screen

What Cats Need in a Raw Meat Diet

Now that we have Meat Cat on board, we’re going to be focusing our next few blog posts on how to feed cats and kittens the raw meat diet. In a nutshell, they need ~ Protein ~ Amino acids, especially taurine and arginine (these come from meat and fish exclusively) ~ Fatty acids ~ Vitamins

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Northwest Naturals Nuggets at Moe's Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon

Northwest Naturals Nuggets – Raw Meat Diet

A 6 pound resealable, easy-carry bag holds IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) nuggets which weigh approximately .20 oz each, 80 to the pound. The formulas are ground, formed and then quick frozen at -30° for 10 minutes.  Open the bag and pour the proper feeding amount into your dogs bowl. The small nuggets will thaw quickly

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Kitten transitioning to the raw meat diet at Moe's Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon

Welcome, Meat Cat – Head of Cat Recruitment

Moe is thrilled to welcome Nigel (aka Meat Cat) into the family business. Meat Cat came to Moe’s staff as a 14 week old kitten eating dry cat food. His foster family deemed him a picky eater, saying they went through many varieties of dry and soft cat food. They landed on one that he

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Ridgebacks on the hunt for fresh meat.

Ridgebacks Hunting Fresh Meat

This picture, shared by Fetching Foods, serves as a reminder that dogs and cats eat raw food naturally. They’re wired for it, mentally, digestively, and nutritionally. It’s what they’d do if given the opportunity.

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Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats in Portland, Oregon

Bone Broth Tri-Pack

The perfect deal for bone broth lovers! The tri-pack. Homemade, fresh beef marrow bones and chicken feet broth. Strained in a quart mason jar and purchased fresh! Each batch is custom made per order. Serve warm. Do not freeze jar if filled – it will crack.

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The Aegis CBD Bundles

It’s been over a year since Moe’s started selling our fabulous CBD products. Since then, we’ve heard from plenty of dog and cat owners about the benefits and positive effects they’ve seen. CBD is a great way to help pets deal with pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, digestion issues, and much more. Moe wants to make it easier

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Moe at Bow Wow Film Festival

Moe will be selling his CBD products at the Bow Wow film festival!!! Moe will have CBD Dog Treats, CBD Cat Treats, CBD Dog Extracts, and CBD Cat Extracts – yup, all the hemp products – available for sale at Clinton Street Theater on February 25th. And you might even get to meet Moe!!! All

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Blue Couch Specials, Satchel Specials Bargain Bundle of Northwest Naturals Beef and Chicken Raw Meat

Blue Couch Specials, a Satchel Special

Say hello to Moe’s Blue Couch Specials  Our new Blue Couch Specials are like flash sales. They will pop up from time to time (whenever Moe is feeling like it). They’ll only be for a limited time, or until supplies last. Moe will announce Blue Couch Specials on social media (@moesmeatsandbones on Instagram and Facebook). He’ll also post specials on his Shop

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Abby WinterDecember 3, 2003 - December 30, 2017

The Abby Happy Pack – A Joyful Bundle of Meat

Introducing the Abby Happy Pack – A Joyful Bundle of Meat 2017 ended on a somber note for Moe. His twin sister, Abby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge just as the year ended.  Abby was the sweetest pup, with two paws always on the angel side of life. She honored everyone’s playful and sentimental sides, loved her family,

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NW Naturals Dinner Bars at Moe's Meats

Northwest Naturals Raw Meat Dinner Bars

25# Bulk Dinner Bars – All bars are scored in approximately 1/4lb (4oz) sections Bulk cases are convenient for large dog families, multiple dog families or those pet parents that have room to store a larger quality. Northwest Naturals Dinner Bars can be easily separated and re-wrapped to store in your freezer for individual meals. 80%

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