Moe’s Meats

A Moe Pen for Moe 10

If you’ve picked up an order recently, you’ve probably scored a Moe’s Meats pen. We’re celebrating our 10th year in business with these totally rad, black ink pens. The pen tagline: Raw meat, bones, and CBD for your pets If we had the space, we’d write: Raw meat, whole bones, yummy treats, CBD treats and CBD extracts, plus amazing customer… Read more →

The Abby Happy Pack – A Joyful Bundle of Meat

Introducing the Abby Happy Pack – A Joyful Bundle of Meat 2017 ended on a somber note for Moe. His twin sister, Abby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge just as the year ended.  Abby was the sweetest pup, with two paws always on the angel side of life. She honored everyone’s playful and sentimental sides, loved her family, and had a soul that… Read more →

Monday with Moe – June 12

Every so often, and only on Mondays, Moe opens his garage door to current and new customers. Come shop our freezers, fondle our treats, check out our CBD selection. Tell us about your pets. Meet Moe. Ask questions. It’s a blast. If you need our address, send us a note. Read more →

What Exactly Does Moe Sell

Well, we’re in the business of providing pets with natural raw meat and whole bones – that’s the foundation of Moe’s Meats and Bones. Currently, we offer our customers with the selection of Columbia River Natural Pet Foods (these are the colored tubes packed with ground meat), Answers Pet Food (these are the boxes filled with raw meat patties), Natur-Fressen… Read more →

Mondays with Moe Explained

Moe’s Meats and Bones is a home-based business. We aren’t a store front. Customers email or phone in their pet food orders and we schedule a pick up time. Orders are boxed and waiting on our porch for pickup. We started Mondays with Moe as a way to offer customers more spontaneity in their raw meat shopping experience. From 9am –… Read more →