Portland Raw Meat

Chicken Feet For The Win

Yeah, raw chicken feet can be kinda gross to look at. They have claws that point at you, and the spindly legs that look weird, and the thought of your dog or cat turning them into a bloody stump. But really, chicken feet are pretty much the most amazing food for your pet. One word: Glucosamine. Glucosamine is the natural stuff… Read more →

Is Raw Meat Safe for My Dog and Cat

Yes! Yes! And Yes! What you feed your dog and cat is one of the most important influences that affect your pet’s overall health, weight, and longevity. Kibble, which is a highly processed food that does not contain whole meats, isn’t found in your pet’s natural environment. Dry and canned food digest quickly and are enormous contributing factors to all… Read more →

Whitefish and Salmon Options From Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals Whitefish and Salmon raw meat is available in all the forms. They’ve got freeze dried (perfect for traveling), dinner bars (1 pound bars and the 25 pound cases), 6 pound nuggets (our personal favorite at the moment), plus 2 and 5 pound tubes. All Northwest Naturals products are USDA inspected and passed, of course! Their produce comes with certificates of guarantee,… Read more →

Fill Your Bowl with Raw Meat and CBD

Moe and Meat Woman are working on big website changes. The look will stay the same, but the ordering process will be updated. Current customers will have the option to order as they always have (via email) or use our soon-to-be-released online ordering system. Moe’s new online ordering system will offer current raw meat and CBD inventory options, online shipping options for… Read more →

Raw Bison – Love Your Pet

Bison is a nutrient-dense food that is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Flash frozen into 1-pound portions, this raw, Free-Range Bison is a nutritious blend of chopped meat and ground bone. Bison is a nutrient-dense food that is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals.  Many people who eat bison describe it as a rich, sweet and flavorful… Read more →