Moe’s New Shop Page

We’re ready for your next order! Moe has been daydreaming about launching a new shop page for years. It’s here!  What’s new about the shop page?  You’ll select items the way you do when you shop at most online retailers. (But instead of filling your cart, you’ll be filling your bowl…Moe was adamant about this). You can shop by type of meat or… Read more →

How Trained Canines Improve the Lives of the Mentally Ill

The practice of pairing the physically disabled with service dogs goes back hundreds of years, even thousands, and is a familiar sight to many people in America. But now, the loyal canines are being increasingly paired with people who suffer from mental disorders, or “invisible” disabilities, to assist in overcoming their mental conditions. According to a University of California, Davis,… Read more →

Selling and Buying a Home with a Dog

Welcome guest blogger Cindy Aldridge from Our Dog Friends. She’s sharing lots of insight into what it means to buy and sell a home when you have a dog. Enjoy!     Selling and Buying a Home with a Dog: A Two-Sided Perspective Maintaining sanity during a move can seem nearly impossible, and your dog is certainly experiencing plenty of anxieties… Read more →

Food Energetics – Hot, Cold, and Neutral Foods

Cool / Cold Foods Meat & Dairy Chicken egg white Duck, duck egg Rabbit Turkey Yogurt Fish Clam Cod Crab Oyster Scallop White fish Fruit Apple Banana Cranberry Kiwi Lemon Mango Orange Pear Strawberry Watermelon Grains Barley Buckwheat Brown rice Millet Mung bean Wheat Wild rice Vegetables Bamboo Broccoli Cauliflower Celery Chlorella Cucumber Eggplant Kelp, seaweed Lettuce Mushroom Spinach Spirulina… Read more →