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Turkey Necks Sold Here

How to buy turkey necks from Moe’s Meats: 1. You order a case of turkey necks. One case equals 30 pounds. 2. You write us a check for $75 and mail it or drop it off. 3. Once check is received, we order a case of turkey necks for you. 4. We partially thaw them. 5. Then we bag them… Read more →

Whole Young Turkey Necks and Chicken Backs

Currently we have lots of turkey necks and chicken backs, already packaged for ease of feeding (meaning we don’t sell them in 40 pound frozen blocks) for sale. The turkey necks are about 2.25 pounds per package as are the chicken backs. This is a great way for your dog to get the complete marrow of the bone, the cleaning… Read more →

Tell Me Can You Hear Me

hello raw meat buyers. satchel here – the owner of Moe’s Meats in Portland, Oregon. Moe’s Meats sells raw meat meat meat for your dog and cat. if you haven’t stopped by to pick up an order yet, what are you waiting for? i mean, i offer the best raw meat deals in Portland. but for that, i’ll allow my… Read more →

Looking for a Meat Grinder

Some Moe’s Meats customers like to buy whole bones from us and grind up their own fresh meat. What kind of meat grinder does Moe recommend? The Maverick Grinder is  top quality grinder that will do the job perfectly. We’ve heard from many folks that they have been using this type of machine to grind up raw chicken backs, turkey… Read more →

Food to Avoid When Feeding Raw Meat

People often ask what foods should their pet stay away from. Below is a solid list pulled from Moe’s FAQ section title About Meat. Chocolate Chocolate contains  theobromine, a cardiac stimulant that can cause  dogs to become hyperactive, thirsty, and suffer an irregular or increased heart rate. Raisins and grapes Though it’s fun to watch your dog catch grapes or… Read more →

Is My Pet Too Old to Start the Raw Meat Diet

After a lifetime of processed foods, you’ll want to start slow during this transition to raw for your senior pet. Just like with any pet that is new to the raw meat diet, start slow. Their first raw meal should be 3/4 what they normally eat and 1/4 raw meat. You can slowly work your way from there. Pick up some… Read more →