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Bone Broth Tri-Pack

The perfect deal for bone broth lovers! The tri-pack. Homemade, fresh beef marrow bones and chicken feet broth. Strained in a quart mason jar and purchased fresh! Each batch is custom made per order. Serve warm. Do not freeze jar if filled – it will crack. Read more →

Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

Bone broth, homemade in Moe’s Own Kitchen, is an essential part of a dog’s and cat’s raw meat diet. Bone broth is made with raw meaty bones and chicken feet, cooked at high pressure for several hours, then slow cooked for 12-24 hours more. This long cooking process extracts the marrow and nutrients from the bones, leaving a dense, somewhat… Read more →

Bone Broth for Dogs

Moe’s Kitchen is open for business. Moe has been perfecting his bone broth recipe over the past year, working to figure out which combinations of marrow and meaty bones will best serve his dog customers. Moe is happy to announce that the time has come to open Moe’s Kitchen to the public. Moe’s Bone Broth for Dogs is a healthy… Read more →

Bone Broth for Your Dog and Cat

Bone broth is similar to stock you might make for soup but contains marrow bones and chicken feet which make it a healthy tonic for your pet. Why bone broth? Why not, says Moe. Bone broth is incredibly health for your dog and cat, regardless of their age. It’s a super inexpensive way for your pet to meet a high standard of… Read more →