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CBD Cat Treat Sampler

Because cats can be cats, we now offer a CBD cat treat sampler. Perfect for your picky cat, this is a great opportunity to see which flavors are your kitty’s favorite. The sampler pack comes with 8-9 treats of each flavor – chicken, cheese, and tuna. Find out which CBD treat (or treats) your cat likes the best, then order… Read more →

Shipping CBD Extracts and Treats for Pets

It is legal and easy to ship CBD treats and extracts to any state. Moe’s uses USPS to ship products as a fast and safe delivery method. Shipping + handling to any state is between $7.00 – $14.00, depending on the size of your order. If you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area, pickup is in NE Portland off of 15th… Read more →

How to Give Your Cat CBD

Cats can be tricky when it comes to getting them to take a remedy. They can to be picky eaters and if something doesn’t smell just right, forget about it. Luckily the CBD treats and extracts we sell are specially formulated with the picky kitty in mind. But if you are a guardian to a cat that won’t take the treats or… Read more →

How to Give CBD Drops to Your Dog

1) Shake bottle. 2) Use suggested dose or a little less. Less is more when it comes to CBD. CBD has biphasic properties, which means that sometimes higher doses of CBD may not be as effective as lower doses. 3) Give the CBD drops directly in mouth, on a spoon, or mixed with their food or a snack. You may… Read more →