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The Aegis CBD Bundles

                    It’s been over a year since Moe’s started selling our fabulous CBD products. Since then, we’ve heard from plenty of dog and cat owners about the benefits and positive effects they’ve seen. CBD is a great way to help pets deal with pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, digestion issues, and much more. Moe… Read more →

Tips for Giving Cats CBD

Cats can be cats, which means picky when it comes to food. Here are some tips to help trick those particular cats who don’t want to take their CBD liquid or treats. CBD Extracts for Cats ~ Directly in mouth ~ From a spoon ~ On their front paw if they are still grooming ~ Hide in stinky and yummy… Read more →

Another Pre-Order CBD Sale for Pets

“Our 13 year old dog is now off her pain pills. She can walk without pain and seems happier because of her CBD drops and treats.” –– Geri T., Kingston, PA CBD works For dogs and cats in pain, suffering from anxiety, seizures, mobility issues, and other ailments, CBD has become a vital part of their healthcare plan. To keep your pet’s… Read more →

Shipping CBD Treats and CBD Extracts to All States

For pet owners who live outside of Portland, Oregon: We can ship CBD treats and CBD extracts anywhere in the United States. CBD is legal in all states. We offer a flat shipping and handling fee of $7 regardless of the size of your order. Explore our CBD products for cats and dogs by clicking on our Shop CBD page. Read more →

Treating Pet’s Seizures with CBD

Both humans and pets are effectively managing their  seizures by using cannabis strains that are high in CBD.  For dogs and cats who suffer from epilepsy, CBD can help with both symptomatic seizures (caused by abnormalities inside or outside the brain) and idiopathic seizures (no known cause).   Phenobarbital, the drug most often prescribed for managing seizures, comes with side effects. Pet owners… Read more →

Aliments Treated with CBD

  CBD, a component of the cannabis plant, is beneficial and healing for so many animals. It can help ease the pain of cancer, reduce anxiety, making aging easier, and so much more. Below is a list of how CBD may help your pet.   To explore our CBD products, click here: Shop CBD     Acute ailments sprains, strains, muscle… Read more →

Does CBD Contain THC?

The CBD extracts and treats that we sell contain a barely measurable amount of THC. In it’s raw form, CBD contains less than 0.3% THC by weight. The extracts and treats use the whole plant extracts, which do include a bit of THC. In the final products it is a hardly detectable due to the filtration system used. To learn more… Read more →

CBD Helps with Pet’s Pain

You’ve probably heard about the effectiveness of CBD in helping with a variety of physical and emotional issues that dogs and cats experience; anxiety, moods, aggression, pain, etc. This isn’t just hype or a short-lived trend. Countless pet owners attest to the relief CBD has provided to their pets. Acute pain (pulled muscles, broken bones, post-surgery recovery) and chronic pain… Read more →

How to Give Your Cat CBD

Cats can be tricky when it comes to getting them to take a remedy. They can to be picky eaters and if something doesn’t smell just right, forget about it. Luckily the CBD treats and extracts we sell are specially formulated with the picky kitty in mind. But if you are a guardian to a cat that won’t take the treats or… Read more →