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Chicken Feet For The Win

Yeah, raw chicken feet can be kinda gross to look at. They have claws that point at you, and the spindly legs that look weird, and the thought of your dog or cat turning them into a bloody stump. But really, chicken feet are pretty much the most amazing food for your pet. One word: Glucosamine. Glucosamine is the natural stuff… Read more →

Chicken Feet – 10 pound bags

Moe’s Meats and Bones, happily located in NE Portland off of 15th, loves chicken feet. We just got a shipment of 8, 10-pound bags of chicken feet in and we invite you to order them for your pup. Chicken feet are a super food for animals (and people), providing large amounts of much needed collagen, a protein that essentially holds the body… Read more →

Raw Meat and Bones in Portland, Oregon

What is Moe’s Meats and Bones? Moe’s Meats sells ground, raw meat and raw bones to dogs and cats throughout the Portland metro area, Seattle, Vancouver, Corvallis, and even Bend. What kind of bones do you sell? Ohh, we’ve got quite a selection of raw meaty bones for your dog. Turkey necks, chicken, feet, duck necks, chicken backs, and recreational… Read more →

Something is new at Moe’s Meats

Never one to rest on his laurels, even when he’s working on his couch, Moe cracked his whip this winter, and the result is a complete brand refresh: a new name, a new logo, and great new photos, all on display on the updated, mobile-friendly MoesMeats.com. Say hello to Moe’s Meats + Bones As per Moe: “Yeah, bones…who DOESN’T love… Read more →

Welcome 2014

Hello New Year, As a purveyor of fine, raw meat products for dogs and cats, I’m excited for your arrival. To honor you, 2014, Moe’s Meats is inviting dog owners to offer raw meat bones to their 4 legged friends. In stock we carry chicken feet – AWESOME for strengthening cartilage and bone, chicken backs – GREAT filling meals, and… Read more →

Happy 2012 (aka Moe12)

Hello Wonderful Raw Pet Food Eaters!!! Moe’s Meats wishes you bountiful amounts of raw chicken, raw rabbit, chicken feet and rec bones. Not to leave out ground veggies for dogs, raw beef and ground tripe and cow pie. Mmmmmmmmm. We love selling raw meat at affordable prices and we strive to make this happen at all times. There are times… Read more →

Raw Chicken Feet – Great for Dogs

Ahhh – Here at Moe’s Meats we love CHICKEN FEET! Though they can be gross looking, chicken feet are an amazing source of nutrients for your dog. As long as the chicken feet are raw and never ever cooked, they make a wonderful meal. If your dog is young and you are worried he might swallow the chicken feet whole,… Read more →

Human Point of View: Chicken Feet

Yes, chicken feet are totally gross to look at, please don’t stare too long. But they are super nutritious and high in Glucosamine. I have only one dog customer that isn’t a fan. Every puppy loves these as meals, it’s really just the people that have issues. Here are some chicken feet feeding tips:1. Don’t look closely at the feet2.… Read more →