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Monday with Moe – June 12

Every so often, and only on Mondays, Moe opens his garage door to current and new customers. Come shop our freezers, fondle our treats, check out our CBD selection. Tell us about your pets. Meet Moe. Ask questions. It’s a blast. If you need our address, send us a note. Read more →

December Newsletter

Knuckle and Split Marrow Bones Sale Buy one bag of beef knuckle or split marrow bones and take 50% off your second bag. This special holiday bone sale is good until December 31st. Limit 4 bags of bones per order. Monday with Moe – December 12th Shop our freezers this coming Monday, December 12th from 9am – 2pm. It’s been such a joy to put faces… Read more →

Get Your Order in by the 16th

We order our meat based on inventory and pre-orders, so there is no pattern to when our freezers will be full. We can say that usually we order about twice a month and our shipments arrive on Tuesday afternoons. To help ensure our customers have exactly what they want, we will now be announcing on our blog, Facebook page, and… Read more →

Optimum wellness for our feline and canine, as nature intended – A guest blog post

Leia Munn, an Animal Naturopath & classical Homeopath, is promoting a species appropriate diet for our four legged friends. She writes:   In my recently published book Carnivore Rainbow…message to all humans , I researched over 3 ½ years compelling facts that they are indeed carnivores not omnivores. The proof is in their skulls, their digestive systems that are of the… Read more →

How much raw meat should I feed per meal?

Ahhh, the age old question. The short answer is that it totally depends on your pet’s age, metabolism, health, breed, and activity level. The other short answer is that Columbia River offers a handy feeding calculator so you can estimate the amount. Do keep in mind that this is an estimate and may not be the exact amount that is good for your dog. The… Read more →