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Answers Pet Food – Buy It Here

Answers Pet Food offers three feeding formulas, and Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon has all three raw meat and fermented lines. All lines contain 100% organic raw meat, zero grains, and no carbs. Straight Formula – This line is ideal for sensitive dogs and cats Detailed Formula – Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and cats Additional Formula –… Read more →

Evanger’s, Rad Cat, Northwest Naturals, The Real Meat Company – We got ’em

New Raw Meat Meats & Treats We heard your requests and are happy to announce new items for your pet’s eating pleasure.  ~ The Real Meat Company: fish and venison and venison lung jerky treats ~ Rad Cat: beef, venison, and turkey options ~ Northwest Naturals: chicken and salmon and bison and beef meals  ~ Evanger’s: beef tripe treats If there are more… Read more →

A Bit About Moe

Moe is his DBA. His birth name is Satchel. Middle name Wheaton. King of Blue is his AKC registered name. He began his business career by going to the office with Meat Woman, back when she used to work at a software company. He’d spend his mornings in the car, his afternoons learning the ways of forging new business trails. After… Read more →

Raw Meat Patties Make Feeding Easy

We all know that raw meat for dogs and cats is the best diet. And we all know that raw meat feeding takes more time to prepare than kibble feeding. Not only do you have to remember to thaw the raw meat prior to the meal, but you also have to break it up into servings. And sometimes you forget… Read more →

Raw Meat Pork Patties – Answers Pet Food

Meat portion of formula: 90% Meat breakdown: 56% muscle, 33% organ, 11% bone Ingredients: Pork, pork liver, pork kidney, pork heart, ground pork bone, chicken eggs, organic green beans, fermented cod liver, organic yellow squash, butter, organic spinach, montmorillonite, fermented decaffeinated green tea (Kombucha), organic parsley, salt, vitamin E supplement. *Be sure to click on the above links to learn… Read more →