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Happy 2012 (aka Moe12)

Hello Wonderful Raw Pet Food Eaters!!! Moe’s Meats wishes you bountiful amounts of raw chicken, raw rabbit, chicken feet and rec bones. Not to leave out ground veggies for dogs, raw beef and ground tripe and cow pie. Mmmmmmmmm. We love selling raw meat at affordable prices and we strive to make this happen at all times. There are times… Read more →

My Meat Locker

this is my head stash of meat that, like, i let my roommate use. this is not for, like you know, public consumption. you’re freezer is in the garage and different. as you can see, my people like to keep me well feed. as a stunningly handsome ridgeback, i won’t settle for anything less. i’m really into chicken feet right… Read more →

Rec Bones

in the sun, with a rec bone, i almost forget how hot it is. now people. you should be, like, feeding rec bones to your loved ones, at least, like, 3 times a week. clean teeth, healthy gums.it’s like tv for your dog. Read more →