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Tripe Patties – NATUR- FRESSEN

Seriously, these tripe patties are the ultimate in convenience. Just thaw and add to bowl – no spoon or knife necessary. NATUR – FRESSEN has this to say about tripe:   Green tripe’s unique combination of protein, fat, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and partially broken-down vegetation (which is why it’s called “green” and “non – bleached” tripe) provides the most… Read more →

Human Point of View: Menu Selection

When starting out, the best plan of action when ordering raw meat is to select one or two chubs (2 pound packages) of several different kinds of meat. You dog or cat will let you know what they like and don’t. Here are some guidelines:Tripe: I don’t think I’ve met a dog that doesn’t love tripe.Organ Meats: All cats need… Read more →