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June Sale: Turkey Necks

Turkey necks. You love to feed them. Dogs love to eat them raw. We love to sell them frozen. For the month of June, you can buy frozen, raw turkey necks from Moe’s Meats at a $5 discount. Moe sells his turkey necks by the 30 pound case or, for ease of storage and feeding, you can have the 30 pounds… Read more →

Raw Meat and Bones in Portland, Oregon

What is Moe’s Meats and Bones? Moe’s Meats sells ground, raw meat and raw bones to dogs and cats throughout the Portland metro area, Seattle, Vancouver, Corvallis, and even Bend. What kind of bones do you sell? Ohh, we’ve got quite a selection of raw meaty bones for your dog. Turkey necks, chicken, feet, duck necks, chicken backs, and recreational… Read more →

Something is new at Moe’s Meats

Never one to rest on his laurels, even when he’s working on his couch, Moe cracked his whip this winter, and the result is a complete brand refresh: a new name, a new logo, and great new photos, all on display on the updated, mobile-friendly MoesMeats.com. Say hello to Moe’s Meats + Bones As per Moe: “Yeah, bones…who DOESN’T love… Read more →

Summer Turkey Neck Special

Moe has a very special summer offer for his wonderful customers………We are offering, for a limited time, 10-count bags of whole bone turkey necks for $8.00. This is a great way to sample the turkey necks that you could usually only buy per case. Talk about low commitment AND a great deal. Read more →

Welcome 2014

Hello New Year, As a purveyor of fine, raw meat products for dogs and cats, I’m excited for your arrival. To honor you, 2014, Moe’s Meats is inviting dog owners to offer raw meat bones to their 4 legged friends. In stock we carry chicken feet – AWESOME for strengthening cartilage and bone, chicken backs – GREAT filling meals, and… Read more →

Turkey Necks Sold Here

How to buy turkey necks from Moe’s Meats: 1. You order a case of turkey necks. One case equals 30 pounds. 2. You write us a check for $75 and mail it or drop it off. 3. Once check is received, we order a case of turkey necks for you. 4. We partially thaw them. 5. Then we bag them… Read more →

Whole Young Turkey Necks and Chicken Backs

Currently we have lots of turkey necks and chicken backs, already packaged for ease of feeding (meaning we don’t sell them in 40 pound frozen blocks) for sale. The turkey necks are about 2.25 pounds per package as are the chicken backs. This is a great way for your dog to get the complete marrow of the bone, the cleaning… Read more →