Chicken Feet For The Win

Yeah, raw chicken feet can be kinda gross to look at. They have claws that point at you, and the spindly legs that look weird, and the thought of your dog or cat turning them into a bloody stump. But really, chicken feet are pretty much the most amazing food for your pet. One word: Glucosamine. Glucosamine is the natural stuff… Read more →

RAWR Raw Meat Cat Food is Here

We’re thrilled, literally over the moon, to bring in this awesome line of raw meat cat food. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks on our own little kitty and some select cat customers – and everyone agrees, this raw meat is something to purrrr about. Feeding the raw meat diet is going to help your cat and… Read more →

Answers Pet Food – Buy It Here

Answers Pet Food offers three feeding formulas, and Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon has all three raw meat and fermented lines. All lines contain 100% organic raw meat, zero grains, and no carbs. Straight Formula – This line is ideal for sensitive dogs and cats Detailed Formula – Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and cats Additional Formula –… Read more →

Is Raw Meat Safe for My Dog and Cat

Yes! Yes! And Yes! What you feed your dog and cat is one of the most important influences that affect your pet’s overall health, weight, and longevity. Kibble, which is a highly processed food that does not contain whole meats, isn’t found in your pet’s natural environment. Dry and canned food digest quickly and are enormous contributing factors to all… Read more →

A Moe Pen for Moe 10

If you’ve picked up an order recently, you’ve probably scored a Moe’s Meats pen. We’re celebrating our 10th year in business with these totally rad, black ink pens. The pen tagline: Raw meat, bones, and CBD for your pets If we had the space, we’d write: Raw meat, whole bones, yummy treats, CBD treats and CBD extracts, plus amazing customer… Read more →