Tripe Blanket – a poem

what is thistripe blanketsworn so not to sayi’m hungrybut stillthe bowlin the sinkcoatedwith what was missedwhen my tonguedonned its dinner dressalasi rub my facein the blanketto savethe savorof foodand knowlaterwhen the treatsare awayanother mealawaits Read more →

Welcome to Moe’s Meats

hi. my name is satchel. aka Moe, founder and proprietor of Moe’s Meats ( as you can imagine, i am no ordinary dog. on the contrary, i’m Satchel, Rhodesian Ridgeback and card carrying member of the Ridgeback Mauraders, class of 2005. i assume you are, like, checking out my site, and, in so doing, you have, you know, found my… Read more →