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Local Chicken Backs, 40 Pounds



Local chicken backs come in a 40 pound case (approximately). The case can be purchased as a frozen block or chicken backs can be broken up into gallon freezer bags for easier feeding and storage.

Moe Says
Blocks or broken up, these chicken backs are foundational. #serious

Additional information

Chicken Backs Case


About Moe’s whole bones:
Our whole bones are sourced from a local Portland restaurant supplier, offering human-grade, antibiotic and hormone free, awesome bones. Raw meat bones are an essential part of the raw meat diet for dogs and cats. Time with a recreational knuckle bone, or a turkey neck as dinner, means that dogs and cats will be able to clean their molars and gums by chewing the bone. Whole bones also allows dogs and cats to exercise their jaws, massage their gums, and super clean their teeth—all at once.