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Say yes to health. 

Raw goat’s milk with added cultures (Lactococcus lactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides), raw honey, organic cinnamon.

Answers Raw Goat’s Milk Formula is fermented at cold temperatures (42 degrees). This temperature favors the growth of certain types of probiotics as well as the two added cultures (Lactococcuslactis and Leuconostocmesenteroides) and allows for the continued growth of these beneficial bacteria even at refrigerated temperatures.

Probiotic Investment

~ Delivers over 200 species of live active probiotics in their natural environment.
~ Provides prebiotic- the nutrients required for probiotics to thrive.
~ Fermentation produces a natural medicine known as bacteriocins, which destroy unwanted bacteria.
~ Populates the digestive system with probiotics, 100 times better than pills or powders.

Digestion Benefits

~ Requires zero work from pet’s digestive apparatus.
~ Absorbed into their body within 20 minutes of drinking.
~ Contains all enzymes (over 60) needed for digestion, perfect for pets who are lactose intolerant.

Allergy Relief

~ Raw milk is a natural antihistamine; it stabilizes mast cells that reduce inflammation.
~ High in caprylic acid which fights yeast.

Green Packaging

~ Packaged in earth friendly, cardboard cartons.
~ Recyclable, biodegradable/compostable.
~ Limits plastic toxin contamination.
~ Protects goat’s milk from light, which can damage vitamins and oxidize fat leading to cell damage.

Puppies and Kittens

~ Goat’s milk is a species appropriate milk replacer for puppies and kittens, much more than Esbialc or KMR.

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About Answers raw meat products:
Answers Pet Food is a Pennsylvania company that uses single-sourced meat from pastured and grass-fed livestock, along with fermented organic vegetables-and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals. All products are100% all-natural, organic, antibiotic-free and non-GMO, with no added hormones, and Certified Humane Raised and Handled.

Answers Pet Food uses recipes that do not contain grains, gluten, or fillers. Their unique use of fermentation means your pet gets probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented proteins to aid healthy digestion.