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RxCBD, CBD Cat Treats for Cats Sampler Pack, 3-pack


Because cats can be cats, we offer a CBD cat treat sampler jar. Perfect for your picky cat, this is a great opportunity to see which flavors are your kitty’s favorite.

Moe Says
For all you frisky felines who like to have it three ways. 

The sampler pack comes with 8-9 treats of each flavor – chicken, cheese, and tuna. Find out which CBD treat (or treats) your cat likes the best, then order the large bottle of that flavor. Win Win.

There is .44 mg of CBD / treat and are gluten free.

Serving Suggestion
1 – 2 times / day, everyday

6 – 9 lb cat: 1 -2 treats
10 – 14 lb cat: 2 -3 treats
15 – 19 lb cat: 2 – 4 treats

Brown rice flour, potato starch, cage-free eggs, canola oil, organic flax seed, nutritional yeast, organic chicken soup (chicken meat with natural juices, salt, cane juice solids, maltodextrin, yeast extract, potato starch, turmeric), parsley, organic hemp hearts (hemp seeds), xanthan gum, CO2 Extracted HIGH CBD Hemp Oil (includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other nutrients naturally found in the hemp plant)

** Premium Cheddar Cheese powder (in Cheesy Chicken flavor)

** 100% Natural Bonita Tuna Flakes  (in Bonita Tuna Chicken flavor)

Suggested uses
Thunderstorms, noisy events, separation anxiety, traveling, car rides, introduction to a new home, grooming, day care, pet sitting, inflammation, seizures, elder dog life quality, pain, mobility, digestion issues, acute or chronic illness, etc.

It typically takes more than a single treat to see results. In many animals, it takes 5-7 days (and occasionally 2 weeks)  for the CBD to build up in their systems and have a beneficial result. Be consistent.

The CBD pet products we sell are legal in all states, do not contain measurable amounts of THC and therefore will not make your pet high. USPS allows for shipment of CBD products to all states. So yes, we can ship CBD right to your door.

RxCBD cat treats are a unique dietary treat designed to support the health and wellness of your cat. These handcrafted treats are made with premium, human-grade ingredients including naturally occurring, full-spectrum hemp oil to target a multitude of problems that plague furry family members. We offer three GLUTEN-FREE flavors, hoping to appeal to the pickiest of eaters. They can also be used as a regimented treat to maintain good, overall health, much like a daily vitamin for your cat.

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Additional information

About RxCBD products:
RxCBD, an all woman-opened and operated CBD business in Colorado, makes CBD products based on years of data collection, adherence to strict quality control practices, and sustainable business practices. Their hemp is sourced exclusively from select Colorado farms, grown under a CDA hemp license and harvested in boutique batches by a Chief Agronomist. 

All the hemp used in their CBD products is 100% organic. They use a clean liquid CO₂ extraction process to produce the purest product available with a full-spectrum profile of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. All extraction is processed and packed by a professional pharmacist with 20 years of experience. RxCBD products all feature high-quality, full spectrum CBD to address you and your pet’s specific needs. They have products for dogs and cats in doses appropriate for all breeds and sizes.

Research is mission critical for RxCBD and they actively seek collaboration with scientists, researchers, and doctors to support the responsible use of a plant which can truly improve the health of our pets and ourselves, and greatly reduce suffering.