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Columbia River Naturals, Satchel Special: The Abby Happy Pack, Bargain Bundle of Raw Meat


The Abby Happy pack includes 1 tube each of Columbia River Naturals chicken, duck, guinea hen, and turkey plus a 1.5 pound container of Columbia River Naturals veggies.

This bundle is in honor of Moe’s sister, Abby, who loved these meats.

Moe Says
My sister loved birds so much it was all she ate. 

As with all Satchel Specials, limit 1 per customer, per order. No substitutions please.

Additional information

About Columbia River Naturals raw meat products:
Columbia River Naturals, a local company, uses 100% human-grade and USDA inspected meat. They are U.S.-sourced from ranchers that take pride in practicing responsible animal husbandry and sustainable farming. All meats are hormone and antibiotic free. They contain no grains or preservatives, and are ground partially frozen at the time of processing to ensure only the freshest quality.

Columbia River Naturals bases their raw meat products on the philosophies of Kymythy Schultze, author of “The Ultimate Diet: Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats”, and Dr. Ian Billinghurst, author of the “B.A.R.F. Diet” (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods).