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Bully Sticks: An Indoor Treat During the Rainy Months

Are you ready for the rain with some indoor healthy treats for your dog? And, better question, do you know what a bully stick really is? Let’s start with what a bully stick is. It’s a dried BULL PENIS. Yup, it totally is. The penis is cleaned and drained, then dried and shaped. The bully … Read more

Looking for a Meat Grinder

Some Moe’s Meats customers like to buy whole bones from us and grind up their own fresh meat. What kind of meat grinder does Moe recommend? The Maverick Grinder is  top quality grinder that will do the job perfectly. We’ve heard from many folks that they have been using this type of machine to grind … Read more

Raw Meat Allergies

Worried that your dog or cat is allergic to something in their raw meat diet? The best approach is to feed them one type of meat for a short time. That means no supplements or cookies or veggies. After a few days begin to add a second variety of meat back into the diet. Continue … Read more

Food to Avoid When Feeding Raw Meat

People often ask what foods should their pet stay away from. Below is a solid list pulled from Moe’s FAQ section title About Meat. Chocolate Chocolate contains  theobromine, a cardiac stimulant that can cause  dogs to become hyperactive, thirsty, and suffer an irregular or increased heart rate. Raisins and grapes Though it’s fun to watch … Read more

Is My Pet Too Old to Start the Raw Meat Diet

After a lifetime of processed foods, you’ll want to start slow during this transition to raw for your senior pet. Just like with any pet that is new to the raw meat diet, start slow. Their first raw meal should be 3/4 what they normally eat and 1/4 raw meat. You can slowly work your way … Read more