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Another Pre-Order CBD Sale for Pets

“Our 13 year old dog is now off her pain pills. She can walk without pain and seems happier because of her CBD drops and treats.” –– Geri T., Kingston, PA CBD works For dogs and cats in pain, suffering from anxiety, seizures, mobility issues, and other ailments, CBD has become a vital part of their healthcare … Read more

Shipping CBD Treats and CBD Extracts to All States

For pet owners who live outside of Portland, Oregon: We can ship CBD treats and CBD extracts anywhere in the United States. CBD is legal in all states. We offer a flat shipping and handling fee of $7 regardless of the size of your order. Explore our CBD products for cats and dogs by clicking on our Shop CBD … Read more

CBD Helps Pet’s Anxiety and Phobias

So many dogs and cats have anxiety (just like us). There are many potential causes of anxiety and phobias: Thunderstorms, heavy rain or wind Fireworks and other loud noises Vet and grooming visits Car rides Separation anxiety Family and household stress Moving and other family changes Pet sitter New baby Aging Grief and depression Sickness … Read more