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Happy 2012 (aka Moe12)

Hello Wonderful Raw Pet Food Eaters!!! Moe’s Meats wishes you bountiful amounts of raw chicken, raw rabbit, chicken feet and rec bones. Not to leave out ground veggies for dogs, raw beef and ground tripe and cow pie. Mmmmmmmmm. We love selling raw meat at affordable prices and we strive to make this happen at … Read more

Raw Meat for Dogs and Cats in Portland, Oregon

Ahh, the BARF diet by Dr. Ian Billinghurst – that is what started the raw meat movement for pet owners. It began as a backlash to the processed pet food industry and as a solution to common health problems not found in pets until kibble took their bowls over. With the raw meat diet you … Read more

Today is Bison Day

dear meat eaters, today i declare bison day. that means every raw meat dog and cat eater should consider eating bison today. it’s a great red meat. high in protein and super lean. read on for more great bison attributes…..

Budgeting for your pets

Hi everyone, this is Dave, Satchel’s meat boy. I wanted to write a quick note about what’s going on here at Moe’s Meats, and how we can help you budget for your pet’s healthy diet. We’re dog owners. We started Moe’s Meats because, as we found ourselves budgeting in wake of the current economic situation, … Read more